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Zhan Wang

Zhan Wang

Vanderbilt MBA Class of 2013

Human Resources Management Associate at Citigroup, Asia-Singapore

Expanding His Horizons

Wang finds Nashville is a lot like home

As a human resources professional in his native China, Zhan Wang had accumulated almost a decade of experience in compensation and benefits, business development, client management and data analysis. But he also came to understand that his knowledge was far from complete.

“During my last corporate HR job, my lack of understanding in finance, strategy, marketing and operations hindered me,” says Zhan, who earned a degree in economics from Changzhou University in his home city. “I didn’t understand how the business operated as a whole and often overlooked the big picture.”

An MBA, he concluded, “would expand my horizon of business fundamentals.”

As Zhan researched various programs, Vanderbilt stood out. “It’s rare to find a top MBA program with a focus on Human Resources Management,” he says. “I found Vanderbilt provided a flagship HR concentration. I checked the course list and was immediately attracted by all those HR-related courses. For me it was a perfect fit.”

Coming to America was a horizon expander all on its own. “The journey itself is as important as the destination,” Zhan says. “I have almost crossed the whole USA. It’s a great way to see America’s heart. I really enjoyed the freedom, the music and the time you spend with people you care about.”

Halfway around the world from Changzhou, where he grew up, Zhan found, a little to his surprise, that “Nashville reminded me of my home city. They are so similar, almost the same scale and the same friendly people. Everyone at Owen is so kind. It’s a lovely community.”