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Will Brown

Will Brown

Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2010

Manager, Governance Risk and Regulatory Strategies at Deloitte

Building the Plane

What Can Owen Do for Brown?

When he was assigned to submarine duty with the U.S. Navy, Will Brown entered a new and exotic world. But for the latest stage in his career, he decided to stay within agreeably familiar territory.

After six years as a financial advisor, Will returned to Vanderbilt, his undergraduate alma mater, to pursue an Executive MBA and to sharpen the quantitative and financial management skills that will prepare him for the next level.

Will already knew about the reputation of Vanderbilt's MBA program, its strength in quantitative finance and its collaborative environment. "I guess you could say I knew what I was getting into, and that was attractive to me," he says.

Now, Will sees his role as very different from a submariner. "In the financial services industry," he explains, "an advisor is like the pilot of a plane. You help clients get where they want to go by using amazing machinery that took a lot of smart people to build.

"After flying the plane, I realized I want to be the person who builds the plane. Learning both the practical application and specifics of financial theory, accounting, economics and valuation-from very accomplished teachers-helped me get there."