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Titus Daniels, M.D.

Titus Daniels, M.D.

Master of Management in Health Care 2011

Executive Director, Vanderbilt Medical Group, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Making Better Decisions

Business Knowledge Adds Clinical Benefits

Titus Daniels is on the front line of health care, and not just because he’s a physician. In a field that increasingly depends on the timely flow of accurate information, Titus is responsible for medical oversight of health information management at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and for the strategic direction of the health records environment.

It’s a role for which medical school did not prepare him. After he moved into his current position, he says, “it became apparent to me that understanding the business aspect of health care is as important as the clinical side. But physicians are not taught the business skills necessary to make important management decisions and to manage teams effectively.”

Owen’s MM Health Care program filled in the gaps—and paid dividends both to him and to the hospital. “It’s a comprehensive experience that has complemented my clinical knowledge, given me a broader knowledge base, and in turn allowed for better business decisions as well as better patient care decisions,” Titus says. “Making better decisions has contributed to my career advancement and made me a more successful contributor to my organization.”