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Sheila Swedberg

Sheila Swedberg

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2012

Finance Analyst at Caterpillar Financial, Nashville, TN

Setting into Finance

After cross-country experiences, Swedberg finds a home

Sheila Swedberg was bouncing back and forth, both geographically and in her career. The California native went to Boston University for her undergraduate studies, then came back home to work in administration at Cal State-Sacramento (“Tom Hanks went here!” she proclaims.)

After majoring in Finance, she took a position that primarily involved accounting. But after two years, she says, she bounced back to her original focus: “I decided I wanted to rebrand myself as someone who was serious about a career in Finance.”

After researching the top MSF programs, she was drawn to Owen. “I already had an undergraduate business degree,” she explains. “I didn’t want a repeat of undergrad. I wanted classes that would elevate my financial literacy. Even though I will never be a quant, I wanted to improve my quantitative skills.”

Through the program, Sheila says, “I built the capacity to understand the theory and mathematics behind Finance, but also the ability to explain these concepts to other (non-Finance) people.” And after her bouncing, she found her place, both in Finance and in Nashville, where she took a position with Caterpillar Financial.

“To be frank,” she says, “I came to graduate school to get a job. I got one. I came here to get a good education and think I’ve gotten that. I had high expectations, but Owen actually exceeded them.”