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Sanat Dixit

Sanat Dixit

Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2012

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Office at Satchel Health (formerly named Octavis)

Thinking outside the Box

Neurosurgeon gets new kind of training

When Nashville-based neurosurgeon and small-business owner Sanat Dixit begins talking about his ambitions, you can almost see the globe spinning eagerly between his gesturing hands. Sanat was once just interested in selling medical devices. Now, the physician is engrossed in “a project to build and develop specialty hospital services in India.”

Sanat describes his emerging vision as “a whole new way of thinking” and credits his broadened imagination and business savvy to his Owen education.

“I feel like I’ve been reborn professionally,” Sanat says. Once “ a straight-arrow science person,” Sanat has been molded by his colleagues at Owen into a creative mind who is well-versed at thinking “outside the box” and articulating blueprints to those who haven’t yet caught sight of his vision.

“As a surgeon,” he explains, “I am trained to hone in on a particular problem and solve it. Now, I’ve expanded my sphere to look at processes and strategy and innovative ways to deliver things.”

For Sanat, the validation for that new way of thinking came not in Nashville but in India, in a meeting with an attorney helping him set up his venture there. “I expected to talk about the tax liability and legal structure,” he recalls, but we had a one-hour conversation about value systems, organizational behavior and sources of competitive advantage. It was a distillation of the previous six months of the EMBA program!”