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Sam Gillespie

Sam Gillespie

Vanderbilt Master of Finance Class of 2013

Private Banking Analyst at JP Morgan, New York, NY

Traveling toward HIs Goal

Gillespie builds foundation for future business

Almost from the time he was a Junior Olympian in baseball, Sam Gillespie aspired to run his own wealth management business for athletes and entertainers. “Sports have always been a big influence on my life and they are a passion I would love to be able to incorporate into my career,” he explains.

Originally, he envisioned that he might fulfill his dream as an attorney or sports agent. Gradually, he gravitated toward finance, majoring in that subject at the University of Kentucky and working at internships in the field during his undergraduate years.

After graduation, Sam, who says he has a passion for travel and international cultures, spent a year teaching English at a bilingual elementary school in Madrid. “I was able to travel to 15 countries during my short year abroad,” he says. “It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

When he returned home to Louisville, Sam says he realized that, if he wanted to pursue job opportunities in finance beyond Kentucky, he would need to go back to school. “The one-year MSF program at Vanderbilt,” he says, “provided the perfect opportunity to obtain a valuable degree in a relatively short time.”

Now, with a position on Wall Street, he’s put himself on track to reach his goal. “After 10 years I’ll have a solid foundation in the private banking industry,” he says. “I can see myself building my own book of business and beginning to plan for the opening of my own firm.”