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Reon Curry

Reon Curry

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2011

Finance Leader, Transfer Pricing and International Tax at Mastercard

Getting Perspective

Curry Goes Beyond Number Crunching

Reon Curry has a passion for travel. He’s visited nine countries, not counting his native Bahamas, where he lived until age four. “Travel gives me a well-rounded, broader perspective on many issues,” he says.

A similar impulse led Reon, who completed high school at age 16, to pursue an MSF after earning a degree in Financial Information and Analysis from Clarkson University. “I gained a lot from my undergraduate experience,” he says, “but I felt that to go far in life I needed to solidify that background.” Owen’s one-year MSF program appealed to him because he could interact with MBAs and take both qualitative and quantitative courses.

A memorable course in game theory with Professor Mike Shor, for example, taught Reon, who says he entered the program with a “quantitative bias,” that “number-crunching isn’t always the best way to solve a problem.” Meanwhile, Owen’s emphasis on social enterprise affirmed his own belief in the importance of community involvement. (During the academic year, he visited elementary schools to teach the importance of good nutrition and exercise as part of a program sponsored by the Vanderbilt Center for Health Services.)

“Owen strengthened my financial prowess while helping me build strong personal and professional relationships that will carry me through my career,” Reon says. “I have had a great experience.”