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Nelson Andrews III

Nelson Andrews III

Vanderbilt Executive MBA 1995

Owner and Manager at Andrews Cadillac and Land Rover

Finding Room to Grow

Andrews Divides Dealerships and Conquers

Nelson Andrews chose Vanderbilt's Executive MBA program not because he worked in Nashville but because he had researched other programs and found that Owen emphasized what he most wanted: skills and perspective that would equip him for upper management.

His investment began paying off immediately for the family auto business. In the year Andrews graduated, the company considered splitting its Cadillac and Land Rover franchises into separate locations. The move would double the dealership's fixed overhead, Nelson says, "but we knew it could be a solid investment if executed correctly."

To structure the project, he drew upon almost every class he took at Owen. "We sized and modeled the business in Excel and used the model to define capacity requirements and set pay plans," he explains. "We evaluated multiple financing methods to find the best mix. We looked at different uses for our space to maximize return on investment."

Less than five years later, each individual dealership location was as profitable as the combined business had been before. "I don't think a business day passes where I don't pull from something I learned at Owen."