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Navin Karwande

Navin Karwande

Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2009

Chief Operating Officer at anvis GmbH

Engineering His Success

Karwande Built a Strong Foundation

Navin Karwande knew Vanderbilt had a globally recognized Executive MBA program. In fact, that was one of the reasons he relocated to the Nashville area as he considered how to acquire skills he would need to prepare himself to improve his career.

Right away, Navin says, he–and his employer, an automotive supplier–began noticing that Owen's core courses in statistics, accounting, finance and leadership were making an impact on his performance and that of the plant. With his improving business acumen and two engineering degrees also in his educational portfolio, he is excited to see what his future holds.

"Each course has helped build a foundation that I need to be successful in the business world," he says. "I have seen a huge improvement in my decision making and analytical skills. Making the right financial decision with imperfect data is much easier than it was before."