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Nancy Abbott

Vanderbilt Executive MBA 1991
Vice President, Organization and Development, GE Capital

Moving Up, Staying Connected

Almost 30 Years Later, Abbott's Investment Still Pays Off

Nancy Abbott has remained with the same company, GE, for almost 30 years. But her position and responsibilities within it have been anything but static. "I completely changed direction," she says. She transitioned from a mid-level position in IT to leading acquisition and reorganization teams from a human resources perspective. The Vanderbilt Executive MBA was her passport to senior management.

"The program prepared me to transfer to new functions by broadening my skills in areas where I had gaps and broadening my perspective in general," she says. "I also built confidence that I could take on tough, new challenges and succeed. The EMBA was a good investment for my company and a great one for me."

For her part, Nancy has continued to invest her time and energies in Owen. She served as the President of the school's Alumni Board, and helps others stay connected to each other and to the life of the Owen community.
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