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Michael Garofalo

Michael Garofalo

Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2008

CFO & Senior Vice President at AGI

Motivated to Excellence

Garofalo Sees Companies in a Whole New Light

Michael Garofalo pursued the Executive MBA program for skills that would equip him to lead a global enterprise. He also had an extra motivation to excel. A few weeks before classes began, his brother died. "As a devotion to him," Michael says, "I decided to shoot for highest honors."

By the time he graduated–with Beta Gamma Sigma honors–the transformation in Michael's readiness to lead was obvious. "I now can review a company's financial statements and have a good feel for its financial health and estimated value," he says. "I can look at a company in its entirety, from marketing and pricing philosophy to its strategic and human resource alignment, and assess whether it is heading in the right direction."

When his strategy project team presented recommendations to their client company, says Michael, "I could tell from their questions and feedback that we had provided insights not previously considered. That was special, since the company's leaders were seasoned professionals who had been in the industry for many years."

He noticed one other change, too. "When people see I received my MBA from Vanderbilt," he says, "it immediately puts me in a higher status."