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Megan (Allen) Maner

Megan (Allen) Maner

Vanderbilt MBA 2012

Co-founder at eco-luxe beauty company Georgie Beauty, LLC

Helping Cosmetics Go Green

Owen entrepreneur launches her own line

“Revolutionize your look with one little lash.” Stretched across a page of Georgie, this statement sounds almost modest compared to the start-up cosmetics company’s earth-friendly mission statement. Founded by Megan (Allen) Maner and her sister Abbey, Georgie Beauty designs, manufactures, and sells eco-luxe false eyelashes, with plans to eventually expand their product line.

Megan, who was a member the Vanderbilt Entrepreneurship Association, chose Owen because “of the level of care and attention provided by the faculty and administration — along with the exceptional students.” Her career path, she realizes, looks different than that of many of her peers, not to mention some of the challenges that came with it. “It was quite memorable to pitch a false eyelash line to a dozen men who have no idea what the product is or does,” she laughs, recalling her presentation of Georgie’s business plan.

Creative, hands-on work defined both Megan’s Owen experience and the founding of Georgie Beauty. Recently, Megan taught herself Spanish, dyed her hair black, and traveled throughout Central and South America with a goal of launching the Winks eyelash line abroad. If it’s true that beauty is as beauty does, then the Georgie brand has a promising future ahead.