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Mausami Patel

Mausami Patel

Vanderbilt Macc Assurance 2011

Operational Transaction Services-Senior at Ernst & Young

Dancing to a New Tune

Artist Turns Accountant with Help from Owen

Mausami Patel is an artist. After learning dance of all sorts, from jazz and funk to ballet and tap, she pursued a form of Indian classical dancing, Bharat Natyam. Mastering the form, with its intricate footwork and arm movements, requires an eight-year course of study, culminating in an arduous public performance of ten dances over a three-hour period.

As a visual arts and English major at Rice in Houston, Mausami produced documentary films. Her work won a fellowship that allowed her to travel to India for a film about the country’s varied social classes.

As she neared graduation, she realized “I had already completed the creative and writing portion of my education, and I needed the practical and theoretical.” Undergraduate coursework had piqued her interest in accounting, and she was drawn to the small size and diversity of the Vanderbilt MAcc program as well as the opportunity to “experience world-class education.”

She also liked the program’s modular structure, which includes an internship with a top audit firm. The internship, Mausami says, “is crucial because it gives you practical work experience and also reconfirms your choice with whichever firm you choose.” Her internship experience with Deloitte in India, which gave her “the chance to reconnect with my heritage and roots,” led her back to Houston to begin her new career. “Owen,” she says, “is a place where you can really shape your future.”