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Matthew Yahyapour

Matthew Yahyapour

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2010

Vice President at ADI Partners

Matt Makes His Move

MSF Opens Door to Investment Banking

Matt Yahyapour always knew he wanted to be in the financial services industry. After earning his degree in Finance and Economics, he spent two years in the back office at Credit Suisse — a position that exposed him to many facets of finance and, he believed, would help him discern which avenue he wanted to pursue.

The answer soon became clear. Matt grew interested in the investment banking deals sold by the trading desk he supported. "I knew I needed a deeper knowledge of finance and a broad set of problem-solving skills to be a successful banker," he says.

That path soon became clear, too. Matt concluded that Vanderbilt''s MSF program offered "a setting where I could take classes with students who have worked in investment banking and could mentor me on my journey. Owen is also an environment where I could customize my education. I could take the right mix of finance and business classes for what I wanted to do. I was not relegated to a strictly quantitative or corporate finance track."

He got even more than he expected. "This is not just a Masters in Finance but a problem-solving degree," Matt says. "I learned how to solve problems not just in finance but in a way that I can apply to many different situations, no matter where life takes me."