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Mackenzie Melvin

Mackenzie Melvin

Vanderbilt Master of Finance Class of 2013

Senior Analyst at The Northern Trust, Chicago, IL

Skipping Ahead to Owen

Melvin makes the most of four college years

You could say that Mackenzie Melvin moves fast yet covers a lot of ground in-depth. She skipped second grade but chose to repeat the next level so she could take a much more difficult version of grade 3 at a stronger school. She backpacked through the Grand Canyon one spring break, then took on the Alps that summer, and still found time for one of the internships with financial service firms that she has completed each summer since her junior year of high school.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness at Vanderbilt in just three years, Mackenzie decided to come back for one more — as a student in the Vanderbilt MSF program.

It was a choice that made sense to the Chicago native, who saw knowledge of finance and quantitative abilities as important to achieving her long-held desire to manage a business. “The summer before I graduated, the fund of funds manager I worked for during an internship strongly advised that I apply to the Vanderbilt MSF program,” Mackenzie recalls. “He knew of the professors’ strong credentials and that the program would give me the necessary skills for any career in finance.”

She hasn’t been disappointed. “The program exceeded my expectations,” she says. “I entered with a group of really intelligent students and professors who challenged us to a high-level understanding of finance.” As she tells others now, “If you decide to take on this investment, you’ll find that Owen will help you go anywhere you want.”

Since graduation, Mackenzie served one year as an intellectual property analyst before taking a position as Senior Analyst at The Northern Trust in Chicago.