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Lubaina Balasinorwala

Lubaina Balasinorwala

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2012

Associate, Economic and Valuation Services at KPMG

Coming to America

Mumbai native likes the numbers in Nashville

Lubaina Balasinorwala comes from a family that appreciates various cultures. Though born in Mumbai, she has lived all her school life in Oman in the Middle East. Hearing “that the US had some of the best programs in economics,” Lubaina applied to colleges in the United States. After receiving her undergraduate degree at Furman, Lubaina “came to [Owen] to interview for the MS Finance program, loved the place, and then, upon receiving the admission offer, decided to come here.”

“The program seemed like the perfect fit,” she explains. “It was not overly focused on financial engineering. At the same time, the MSF curriculum and MBA electives perfectly complemented my liberal arts background. Even though I’m going into a quantitative field, I’ve always had a creative bent. I love art. I love journalism. I write on a regular basis and am a literature fan. That’s kind of my fun on the side.”

Though Lubaina speaks fluent French and is learning Arabic, she’s accepted a job offer with KPMG in a location where she’ll be primarily surrounded by English speakers with a large dose of Southern accents — Atlanta. This world traveler is excited for her move to a new home and a global organization: “I interned there last summer,” she says. “I know the office, the people, and the culture.” With time, she may even learn to speak with a drawl.