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Kaylen James

Kaylen James

Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation 2013

FP&A - Senior Analyst at Hunt Utility Services, LLC

Sticking to Her Knitting

James stays at Vandy to join first MAcc Val class

Kaylen James has a keen interest in wealth management as her career. As a Vanderbilt undergraduate, she completed summer internships in that area — one with Goldman Sachs and another with UBS. She had assumed that, after graduation in 2012, she would join the workforce and then pursue her MBA.

Then a friend suggested she look into Vanderbilt’s brand-new MAcc Valuation program. Kaylen investigated and applied within a week.

“It is perfect for me,” says the Orlando, Florida, native with a confident grin, “because it has more finance [than traditional accounting programs].

“I like wealth management, but I know that’s something I can do later on. I wanted something different to start out with to get some exposure. With Valuation, I’m learning to properly value a company—which is only going to strengthen my wealth management recommendations.”

For Kaylen, who says that her love for knitting has “set me up for my old grandmother life,” Nashville and Vanderbilt were familiar places that didn't require any of the adjustments that many of her new MAcc Val classmates had to make.

But for all of them, being part of the program’s inaugural class created a sense of shared adventure. “We were all kind of going on this journey together,” she says.