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Josh Wang

Josh Wang

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2010

Analytics Supervisor at AKQA

Learning the Language

Mastering Finance Opens Consulting Doors

Dallas-born Josh Wang, who had lived in four different countries before he turned 18, grew up speaking English and understanding Chinese. At college in his parents' homeland, Taiwan, he minored in Japanese.

But his first love was the international language of finance. It was his major at Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei, where Josh also served as a research and teaching assistant and was part of a business product and strategy team that reached the finals of a national case competition.

To "understand more about the corporate side of finance" while learning about a range of business disciplines, Josh returned to the U.S. to earn his Master of Finance degree at Vanderbilt. He liked the program's small class size, the "mix of quantitative and qualitative features, with application to the real world, and the ability to take courses and work with MBA students. "The people are friendly," he says, "and there's always something to do."

Along with the technical skills he developed in valuation techniques, strategy and operations, Josh says, "my education at Owen has allowed me to take a broader approach to business. Now, when I consider an issue, I also look at its effects and how it ties into the overall business strategy." Retraining his thinking in that way, he adds, helped him in his interviews with consulting firms — and in landing the position he sought after graduation.