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John Hostek

John Hostek

Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation 2013

Senior Analyst, Corporate Planning at ITOCHU International Inc.

A Knack for Predicting

For Hostek, MAcc Val proves ideal door opener

When he was in high school in Seattle, John Hostek made a prediction about his future. He anticipated that he would ultimately “do something in finance.”

“My issue,” he explains, “is that I didn’t know much about how expansive the financial services industry is, and I didn’t know specifically what I wanted to do.” As an undergraduate at Vanderbilt, were he served as president of the Intra-Fraternity Council, he stayed connected to the field, earning a degree in economics with a double minor in math and financial economics and even studying one summer at the London School of Economics.

During his freshman year, the Great Recession hit. As a consequence, John says, “it became harder to get into the financial industry, and I started thinking about graduate school.”

Then, during his senior year, Vanderbilt inaugurated the unique MAcc Valuation program. “It really was a perfect fit,” John says. “It was a great way to add to my academic foundation, put myself in position to earn professional credentials, and gain unrivaled access to employment. And for me the transition was easy. I had already lived in Nashville four years and loved the city.”

Now, after landing a position in New York with Deloitte, does John have a new prediction about where he’ll be in a decade? Not exactly, except that “I’d like to return to the West Coast later in my career. What I do know,” he adds, “is that I’m on the way to developing a base that will help open a lot of doors in the future.