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John Hinds

John Hinds

Vanderbilt Macc Assurance 2009

Senior Financial Analyst at LLOG Exploration Company

Mastering His Niche

MAcc Exceeds Hinds' Expectations

For as long as he can remember, John Hinds knew he wanted a career in business. When he took his first accounting class as an undergraduate, he knew he had found his niche. He focused on becoming a CPA, working in audit for a Big Four accounting firm. He also knew he wanted a masters degree from "a school that companies would recognize on my resumé no matter what part of the country I was in."

Vanderbilt fit the bill. "The Owen MAcc program was designed by partners from public accounting firms," he says. "It was planned out perfectly, down to even the CPA exam study schedule and test taking." John, a dual citizen of the US and Cayman Islands, also recognized that the involvement of CPAs in the program would also provide a network of connections to their firms.

Though his expectations were high, he says that his Owen experience far exceeded them. "Of course I learned a lot about accounting and finance, but I think the most important skills I gained dealt with communication, management and leadership."

John still has another long-time dream — to become a CFO or own his own company. "I'm not quite sure how I'll get there," he says, "but I know I have the tools to succeed while doing what I enjoy."