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Jenna (Mehal) Kozlowski

Jenna (Mehal) Kozlowski

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2008

Associate Director, Operations at Optum

Opening to Change

MSF Leads Mehal to More Than She Imagined

After graduating from college with an engineering degree, the last place Jenna (Mehal) Kozlowski imagined herself was back in school. But she found herself less than excited about the engineering positions for which she was interviewing. That, combined with an interest in finance piqued by an undergraduate elective course, led her to explore Finance programs and, ultimately, to Owen.

Ironically, one reason Jenna chose Vanderbilt is that she "really [had] no idea" what she wanted to do upon graduation. The breadth and flexibility of the MS Finance program enabled her to design her degree around the skills she needed "and shape my general interest in finance into a great start of a career at a great company."

Jenna applied the same sense of openness and flexibility to her entire Owen experience, joining student clubs and taking electives outside of finance "which gave me a wider perspective than I'd have gotten otherwise," she says. "When you're entering a nine-month program, it's tempting to stick your head in a book, get good grades and graduate. But there's so much more to being at Owen. I was exposed to more different people, backgrounds, dreams and ideas than I could have imagined."