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Jamie Scarbrough

Jamie Scarbrough

Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2005

Senior Account Executive, Major Accounts at Gartner

Forging Ahead

Scarbrough's Career Move Paid Off with Employer

Jamie Scarbrough wanted to change her career track but not her company or Nashville location. "After a customer recommended the Vanderbilt Executive MBA program, I did the research and realized it was a great fit for me."

There was one big hitch. Her employer was initially reluctant. She pressed ahead, using vacation days and student loans. "It was one of the most difficult and best career decisions I ever made," Jamie says. "By the end of the first year, my employer could see the benefits the program was bringing to me and my customers. They not only started partially supporting me financially and giving me time off for class, they assisted with my first-semester student loans."

Two years later, Jamie received two promotions and, by her estimation, doubled her earning potential. Even her first job out of graduation came from a classmate at Vanderbilt.

Along with the program's academic content, Jamie praises the "non-textbook" learning she gained through study groups, Strategy Projects and discussions with colleagues and professors. "I experienced my education rather than studied it," she says, "and made friends and business connections that continue to bring value to my life and career."