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James Suh

James Suh

Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2010

President & CEO at Aequo International

Continuously Improving Himself

Family Man Finds Time for Executive MBA

James Suh found a number of compelling reasons not to seek a Vanderbilt Executive MBA. For one, he routinely worked 60-hour weeks with Asurion. He also had four children at home and a wife who was already enrolled in a nursing program.

The couple discussed their options for several months and reached the same conclusion. "When the decision has as much potential value as an MBA from Vanderbilt," James explains, "NOT pursuing the degree can be more costly than the sacrifices required."

Besides, he reasoned, he had "an affinity for the fast-paced and chaotic." Earlier in his career, he had operated a nuclear reactor for the U.S. Navy and served as a logistics officer with the Marines in Iraq. An MBA would round out his experience in operations with expertise in finance, marketing and strategy — components James knew would be critical to his career growth in the long run.

Along with the emphasis on strategy and "world-class faculty" — two reasons he chose Vanderbilt — James was impressed by "the thoughtful development of the individual C-Teams" through which Executive MBA students work. As he neared graduation, he says, "I am just beginning to understand the full benefit of the complementary skills and personalities I''ve had the good fortune of working with."

From his peers with teenaged children, James may also have gained insights for what he describes as his most formidable challenge. His oldest daughter, 14, just started dating.