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Heather Borowski

Heather Borowski

Vanderbilt Accelerator 2010

Federal Inside Account Manager at EMC

Accelerating Change

Business Changes Catalyst for Borowski

When she studied international politics and business in Denmark, Vanderbilt undergraduate Heather Borowski had an epiphany. “I came to realize how influential business is within global society,” she says, “and that business is the major agent of societal change.”

That realization pointed Heather toward a career in management and strategy consulting. “I hope eventually to apply my personal interest in corporate social responsibility to clients in order to drive economic development and social change,” she says.

In Accelerator, she found a powerful vehicle. “I was looking for a summer program that would enable me to build a broad business skillset I could apply in any post-graduate context,” Heather says. The most valuable (among many) skills she acquired during the intensive experience was learning how to “read” clients and improve her communication skills. She credits the program with enabling her to land an internship later that summer. The internship in turn helped her line up a job that was waiting upon graduation.

“For me, Accelerator was the catalyst that challenged me to solve difficult client problems while learning about my personal strengths,” Heather says. “There is no summer internship that can compare to the blend of personal and professional development I experienced.”