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Gretchen Hector

Gretchen Hector

Vanderbilt Master of Accountancy 2012

Audit Senior at Deloitte

Heading for the Mountains

MAcc helps Hector reach new career height out West

Gretchen Hector has lived all over the country, but she’s a Westerner at heart. A native of Billings, Montana, she loves snowboarding, canyons and uncrowded places.

After working for three years as a financial services representative for Fidelity Investments in Salt Lake City, Gretchen decided to pursue a Masters in Accounting. “It was important for me to have a more specialized skill set,” she says, “and CPAs always seem to be in high demand.”

She began her school search with three main areas of her concern: finding a program that didn’t require students to have accounting background (she majored in business administration), helped them find a job, and prepared them to pass the CPA exam. “Vanderbilt was the only program that really excelled at all three things,” she says.

Owen was “intense, in the best possible way,” Gretchen says. “The number of experiences and opportunities I had in just one year was amazing. Vanderbilt offers all the benefits of a small program where you know your classmates and professors, and all the benefits of a large program that can make connections for you all over the country.”

Or, in Gretchen’s case, even beyond the country: She won an internship with Deloitte in Hyderabad, India. Upon graduation, she took a full-time position in the company’s Salt Lake City office, where she’s close to the canyons and closer to home. When she gets breaks from work, you’ll know where to find her. “I’m going snowboarding,” she smiles.