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Frank Jones

Frank Jones

Vanderbilt MBA 2012

Advisory, Transactions and Restructuring at KPMG

Finding His Community

Owen helps Jones get from Chicago to Atlanta

Frank Jones knows more than a little about what it takes to move up. In Memphis, where he grew up, his mother raised him and his brother while earning less than $20,000 per year. “She managed to send me to the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school she really couldn’t afford,” he says, still marveling.

Frank’s Wharton education helped him land a job in pharmaceutical sales in Chicago. But his aspirations ran higher. “I felt that position pigeon-holed me,” he says. “It limited me to certain kinds of opportunities I could pursue. An MBA was the perfect platform to shore up gaps in my professional experience and switch careers.”

At Owen, he especially enjoyed the small class size — a stark contrast to Wharton, he says — and the “collaborative aura” he felt as soon as he stepped on campus.

“The development I received both inside and outside the classroom has really prepared me and given me the confidence to enter the very different career realm of management consultant,” he says. “The Owen alumni at the companies I contacted were extremely helpful. It was amazing how willingly people I had never met would take an interest in my success simply because of our Owen connection.”

Upon graduation, Frank accepted a position in Atlanta with Deloitte — the company for which he had interned at Owen. And he prepared for another big move in life: That summer, Frank and his wife welcomed their first child.