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Fark Tari

Fark Tari

Vanderbilt Macc Assurance 2011

Principal and Director of Finance at Alpha Investing

Coming Back Strong

Tari Turns Career Track Around

Two years ago, Fark Tari was uncertain about what his future held. In his first year as a Vanderbilt undergraduate, he did not perform well academically, lost a substantial amount of what had been a full-ride scholarship, and helped put himself through school the rest of the way by working as a server at P.F. Chang’s.

Though his grades improved, his overall GPA wasn’t “anything to brag about,” he says. Then, after his junior year, he attended Vanderbilt’s Accelerator Summer Business Institute, “which turned everything around for me.” He realized he was interested in a business career and applied to enter the Master of Accountancy program after graduation.

It was a “no-brainer,” Fark says. “The program helped me truly understand how business works. Taking classes with MBA and MS Finance students gave me the opportunity to work with and learn from them. And students have unparalleled access to partners, professionals and recruiters at the world’s five largest accounting firms.”

On average, he notes, each student in his class had four internship offers. Fark chose an opportunity with Deloitte in Hyderabad, India, that led to a permanent position in Atlanta.

“I am now positioned to achieve the success I seek, and it started here at Owen,” he says. “Owen was a story of redemption for me.”