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Evan Gold

Evan Gold

Vanderbilt Accelerator 2012

Assistant Property Manager at Hines; Independent Business Owner at Legacy International; Volunteer Coach at LEAP Foundation

Going beyond the Law

Gold ‘accelerates’ into business career

Like many young boys, Evan Gold grew up wanting to be an NBA player. Unlike many aspiring players, the Georgia native actually developed into a “pretty good” roundballer. But once he realized that “basketball really wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life,” the University of Georgia graduate “refocused on academics” and committed himself to the “law track.”

Soon, Evan stumbled upon another surprise: If he pursued law, he would be “stuck in an office ten hours a day,” sequestered and unable to interact with others solely for the purpose of billing hours. That wasn’t for him. So Evan began a search for a career that would integrate his outgoing personality, people skills, and desire for social outlets with his passion for “the logical problem-solving that law is.” This search led him to consulting.

Completing the Accelerator program was one of Evan’s first concrete steps towards a consulting career. “If I could sum up the Accelerator program in just one word, I would say, ‘frenetic.’ You are on the go, all the time. It really just is this beautiful confluence of great people, a lot of emotion, and a lot of things going on at once.” It was the friendships he formed with fellow students that motivated Evan to keep pushing forward whenever Accelerator became more rigorous than what he’d bargained for.

The persistence seems to be paying off. “I got an internship with one of the guys who wrote a book that we had to read before we came here,” Evan says. “It was called Burn Your Resume.” That internship evolved into a full-time position after the program and opened many doors for him in the professional world.