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Dell Yarbrough

Dell Yarbrough

Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care 2010

Associate Professor of Otolaryngology and Cancer Biology at Vanderbilt University

Head (and Neck) of the Class

Yarbrough Makes MMHC Weapon against Cancer

You will rarely meet anyone who knows more about head and neck cancer than Dr. Wendell Yarbrough. Splitting time between direct patient care and translational research, Dell serves as Co-Leader of the Thoracic and Head & Neck Program within Vanderbilt's Ingram Cancer Center.

But Dell, who describes himself as a "mid-career surgeon-scientist who had attained a certain level of success," recognized one enormous gap in his knowledge. "My training had well prepared me to care for patients and to conduct molecular and translational research," he says. "However, it had not even hinted at critical business concepts."

Dell came to see these concepts as essential to "continued advancement for me and my program within the larger organization." And so he came down the street from Vanderbilt University Medical Center to Owen's Master of Management in Health Care program.

The breadth of knowledge he gained was impressive, says Dell. But even more was his newly broadened perspective. Owen was "an eye-opening experience," he says. "It has fostered a different way of thinking about and approaching challenges that will help me realize a strong return on investment."