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David Webster

David Webster

Vanderbilt Macc Assurance 2013

Business Development Associate at naviHealth, Inc.

Calculating the Cost

Webster finds greater value from Vanderbilt

David Webster is quick to defend his hometown. Prairie Village, a suburb of Kansas City, has a name that outsiders tend to “associate with Little House on the Prairie. It’s nothing like that,” he promises. “I joke with people that we got our first McDonald’s there recently.”

David has made a second home for himself in Nashville since the fall of 2008, when he came to Vanderbilt as a freshman. Knowing that “I wanted to go into business eventually,” David majored in Human and Organizational Development, a Vanderbilt-specific interdisciplinary program that yields many future businesspeople. As senior year approached, he “didn’t really have it set in my mind what in business I wanted to do, but I figured accounting would be the best place to start.”

David carefully narrowed his list of possible graduate schools down to several top programs. “They were all really great, but [then] I thought of the opportunity cost of choosing one of those other programs,” he says. “Being in an environment where motivated people are ubiquitous, I knew I could gain a lot from continuing my experience here.

“There’s a lot you lose by not choosing Vanderbilt.” He expected that other programs would prepare him well in accounting and help him land a job. “For me,” he says, the decisive fact was that I’d be in a class of 30 people whom I’d get to know really well.”