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Clark Bosslet

Clark Bosslet

Vanderbilt MBA 2012

Manager at ECG Management Consultants, Inc.

Dr. Paid Finds a New Practice

Rapper Turned Consultants Credits Classmates

Clark Bosslet belongs to a rare breed of business school students. The Houston native has two years of experience performing as a rap music artist. “I was a spokesman for an accounts receivable company in the health care industry,” he explains with a grin. “I performed as a rapper named Dr. Paid.”

After he became a financial and strategic analyst for the Texas Children’s Hospital, Clark says he “recognized the most effective leaders in my industry had graduate business degrees that allowed them to quantify their decisions.” He gravitated toward Owen based on its small class sizes and the quality of the faculty.

It didn’t take long for the rapper to earn a rep as an influential presence on campus. In addition to serving as Co-President of the Vanderbilt Health Care Conference, Clark served as VP of Content for the Owen Bloggers and helped found two campus phenomena — the Owen Podcast Series and the Owen Student Survey. “The faculty and staff at Owen are ready and willing to help students turn ideas into reality,” he says.
After graduation, Clark landed a position ECG Management Consultants. Looking back, he ranks among the biggest factors in his success one that he hadn’t anticipated when he chose Vanderbilt. “None of this would have happened,” he says, “if I hadn’t been fortunate enough to meet and learn from my incredible classmates.”