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Claire Lyons

Claire Lyons

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2006

Vice President, Managing Analyst at Piedmont Investment Advisors, LLC

Doubling Her Money

MS Finance Degree Paid Off Big for Claire Lyons

Claire Lyons joined the first MS Finance class at Vanderbilt looking for a career as a portfolio manager. She envisioned working in fixed income, but soon realized that equity products better suited her interests and skills. She found support from her MSF and MBA classmates, who not only offered sound career advice but have become lasting friends.

Upon graduation, Claire accepted an equity analyst position with Piedmont Investment Advisors in Durham, North Carolina. She was excited about the opportunity to work closely in a small firm with experienced fund managers.

Claire spends her days investigating new investment ideas, monitoring current holdings, following developments in the industries she covers, and presenting her ideas to portfolio managers. Claire is excited to participate in her firm's growth—Piedmont has grown assets under management to just under $1.8 billion.

The job has been everything she hoped for, she says, and more: "My potential income has doubled compared to the salary I would have received out of undergrad."