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Chase Seaver

Chase Seaver

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2012

Analyst at Privet Fund Management

Winning the Chase

MSF helps Seavers pursue passion for finance

During his college years, Chase Seaver gained direction for his career. But it wasn’t exactly because of college.

Chase, who graduated from Birmingham-Southern College with a degree in philosophy, spent his summers working for defense contractors in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. “I learned about the different departments common to most businesses and eventually discovered my passion for finance,” he says.

Vanderbilt’s one-year Master of Finance program was his ticket. “Owen gave me access to opportunities I never would have had,” Chase reflects. “It allowed me to meet successful people in just about every area of business.

“I learned about finance but also about other topics such as negotiation and real estate. I got a great job I could not have otherwise gotten (he accepted a position with Raymond James in Florida) and I had a blast for nine months.”

The program surpassed Chase’s expectations, except in one key area. “The one thing I didn’t understand coming in was how close I would grow to an outstanding group of young people,” he says. “In undergrad, I could lock myself in a room for a few hours and the learn the material well enough to make an A on any test. Coming from a non-Finance background, this wasn’t the case at Owen. But because of that, I learned how to rely on others, and I became a better teammate.”