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Carla Ruiz-Ney

Carla Ruiz-Ney

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2009

Associate at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

A Quantitative Edge

MSF Rounded Out Ruiz-Ney's Skills

Given Carla Ruiz-Ney's strong liberal arts education—she majored in Economics and Business Administration at Wesleyan College and completed nine-month internships with Bank of America Mortgage and Merrill Lynch—she set out to pursue a Finance degree that would improve her ability to communicate quantitatively. "I have found that success comes to professionals who can communicate both qualitatively and quantitatively. Clients are looking for practical meaning behind quantitative analysis."

That Owen had one of the few MS Finance programs in the country already had put the school on Carla's short list. What cemented it for her was the commitment she found here to helping students succeed. "Owen," says the Houston native, "is definitely one of the best in catering to students and allowing them to explore all areas of Finance." Carla continued this message and served as the Campus Visit Coordinator for incoming MSF students: "I enjoyed telling prospective students about the enriching atmosphere Owen provides."

Armed with the quantitative abilities to round out her skill set, Carla found that "Owen opened the door to the world of investment banking through integrated classes with MBAs and a dedicated Career Management Center." Upon graduation in 2009, she was able to immediately enter that world as an analyst with Bank of America's Capital Markets Group in Charlotte. 

"Owen gave me the resources to be successful," she says.