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Becca Stone

Becca Stone

Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation Class of 2013

Equity Research Analyst at Goldman Sachs

First in Her Class

Liberal arts major typifies initial MAcc Valuation class

Becca Stone can claim a distinction that will never belong to anyone else: She was the first person accepted to the MAcc Valuation program — a new track within Vanderbilt’s one-year Master of Accounting degree that prepares students to value assets ranging from entire companies to a country artist’s song catalog.

The comic irony of her status is not lost on her. “It’s funny, because I majored in history (at Duke),” says the Ocala, Florida, native. And yet, in a way, she’s also typical of many MAcc students at Vanderbilt, as someone who didn’t leave undergrad with a major in finance or accounting.

“I knew I wanted to be in business, but I also love history and theatre,” Becca says (She’s been doing theatre since age four and has appeared in everything from Cats to Shakespeare’s Coriolanus). “So I just studied everything that interested me in addition to taking pre-business courses. I feel like studying other subjects helps give a student perspective before they come to business school.”

But after she learned from a professor about the MAcc Valuation program, Becca says, “I realized that this is where I wanted to go with my career.”

After completing the program, she had her sights set on New York, but not on Broadway. Becca accepted a position as an Equity Research Analyst at Goldman Sachs because, she says, “transaction services are where I’m going to use my experiences from the MAcc Valuation program.

“There’s not another program like this in the country, so it’s a great opportunity.”