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Anne Marie Mills

Anne Marie Mills

Vanderbilt MBA 2013

Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting

Re-engineering Her Career

Mills Makes Her Move into HR

Anne Marie Mills had a very simple reason for pursuing an MBA. “I was an engineer in my past life and I did not like it,” she confesses.

So the Seattle native began her “new” life by taking three months to travel in Australia and New Zealand, then joining Owen’s MBA class of 2013. Here, she immersed herself in strategic human resources, her chosen area of concentration.

She enjoyed the new challenge, but also the way that Owen is oriented toward helping students achieve their goals. “It’s hard not to learn while you are at Owen,” says Anne Marie, a proud Purdue Boilermaker. “You will be pushed to your edge, but you will succeed.”

In fact, she succeeded in landing her summer internship with LinkedIn. It was “the perfect HR company to work for,” she says. “I got to play with the biggest HR tool out there.”

She also enjoyed the “human resources” at Vanderbilt — in the persons of the tight-knit group of friends with whom she enjoyed eating out, attending concerts (and studying).

It was quite a change of pace from Anne Marie’s former life. Not too long before her time at Owen, she was working with “a lot of older, white-haired guys,” she says. “They didn’t like listening to me at all.”