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Amelia (Nennstiel) Emmert

Amelia (Nennstiel) Emmert

Vanderbilt Master of Accountancy 2008

Manager in Assurance at EY

Going for the 'Next Best Move'

In MAcc, Nennstiel Found Exactly What She Sought

To keep students engaged with the subject matter, Amelia (Nennstiel) Emmert's high school accounting teacher would stand on a table, shouting and chanting. It worked. Amelia not only took more accounting courses in college; she also decided to pursue a master's degree in the subject as the "next best move" that would help her begin a career.

Owen's one-year MAcc program, she says, "was exactly what I was looking for." It's designed for liberal arts majors, includes an internship, offers small class sizes and integrates Becker review at the end of the program to help students prepare for the CPA exam.

Perhaps most valuable of all, says Amelia, who unwound each week by volunteering for several hours with a therapeutic horseback riding program, were the interviewing and teamwork skills she gained. "The job of an auditor is done almost entirely in groups," she observes. And her interview skills, combined with her academic ones, helped Amelia land an internship three months after beginning the MAcc program, then a job offer before the start of Mod 4. You might say she got the attention of recruiters without having to stand on a desk and shout.