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Alex Marrucho

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2011
Investment Banking Analyst at HSBC Securities

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Swim Champion Sees MSF as Brilliant Stroke

Alex Marrucho loves competition. As a swimmer in his native Brazil, he holds a state record in the 200-meter backstroke for more than ten years.

So when Alex graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Finance and Economics, he saw the Master of Finance in competitive terms. “The program would give me an advantage that many fresh-out-of-undergraduate professionals lack — a deeper understanding of financial instruments and markets,” he says.

But what gave Vanderbilt’s MSF program a competitive advantage as he considered his options is the way that the drive for success fuels collaboration. “Owen gives you a feeling of community that no other school gives you,” says Alex, who enjoys surfing, snowboarding and mountain hiking. “People are always willing to help, and that culture is nurtured through the generations that pass through here. It’s a competitive, intellectual, friendly environment, where competitiveness drives intellectual curiosity and the culture nurtures learning.”

Perhaps because of his own background, Alex also valued the international perspective he found at Owen. “The opportunity to interact with such a diverse student body, where I was able to understand the differing implications that the same theory would have in different countries and industries. This knowledge is indispensable in such an integrated world financial market.”
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